Anyone seen specs for Se7en SE or....

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    The R2 Apocalypse Now is a Paramount release (as it is in R1) do the extras should be the same, don't expect anymore though. Currently no news from Paramount on the R2 extras.

    R1 Se7en is set for December, the R2 was set for October but a mystery restucturing at EiV has delayed the R2 UK version until December or early 2001.

    New Line are keeping a news blackout on the extras at the moment. And EiV have no idea what will be on the disc (sounds like the usual for EiV but it may be that New Line are forcing some control on them so the discs will be equal)

    The only released info is the coverart for the front of the box. (can't remember the link but I expect DVD File have a copy of the image)
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    ...the R2 Apocalypse Now that's out in October? I've not bought the R1 of AN yet cos I was waiting to see if it's got improved features (yeah right!) or if it's the same then I'll get it for the improved resolution. But guff on the 2 disc Se7en is really thin on the ground except for the fact that New Line haven't licensed the Critereon extras that were on the LD and so it'll be different to that. Launch date is getting mighty close for both of these so I'm surprised there's been no news that I've seen yet. Anyone else caught any???

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