Anyone seen in the cut?


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Aug 13, 2002
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hi there, just wondering whether anyonoe has seen this movie as I'm thinking of hiring tonight from waterloo station...

Very boring and dull movie, but rent and see for urself.
ok, thanks for the info - I was hoping lots of sex scenes with meg might make it interesting ;)

saw the cut version on a plane comimg home from the States and could not believe some of the scenes involving Meg-if you are after sexy scenes then go for it!!
Very unsexy scenes don't get ur hopes up they filmed it in a very unsexy way.
all I want is some good old fashioned sleezy scenes with meg. Oh well, maybe there will be a sequel :devil:

It's not very original, fading actress gets her kit off to make the interview circuit. :devil:
...and didn't she do well on Parkinson! A televisual train wreck was how one wag described it. She was awful.
so I got around to watching 'in the the cut' and I'm not sure what to think of the wife didn't like it thats for sure.

I did like seeing Meg with no clothes on and also the bit where her mum gets her legs cut off :devil:

still, can someone please explain it to me?


what was with the reading of the poetry on the subway?
did he do it?
and why did she do such stupid things?

Watched it last night. It was dire! Didn't Michael Parkinson describe it as a 'nasty' film. Now I like a good helping of gratuitous sex and violence with the best of them, but this was dull. I HATED the arty/farty out of focus cinematography.

So you have probably guessed that I didn't like it.
Rented it last night and found it really boring and hard work.
My wife however loved it!
I think it's one of those you have to see for yourself, just to see Meg Ryan's full frontal nudity and self pleasures if nothing else!

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