Anyone seen Face off and Panic Room?



Has anyone seen the movies "Face Off" and Panic Room:confused: Are they any good?


Ed Selley

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Hmm; Face off is preposterous but entertaining enough.
Panic Room is worth a watch, not entirely suspense/action not entirely cerebral either. Would put both in the rent rather than the own catagory.


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I found Face/Off fairly silly and my wife found it unwatchable,but both of us thought Panic Room was reasonable,although definitely not one of Jodie Foster's best...just a banker for her,I think.


i loved face off...... then again im a die hard cage fan..... not best pleased that fat head travolta got to win that little duel! :D



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I'd personally give 'Face Off' 5/10 and 'Panic Room' 6/10


I have them both, and i give them Face off 8/10 and Panic Room 7/10

With Panic Room if you have a 5.1/dts system then it's eben better.

Both can be picked up quite cheaply now, about £6/7 each


Face/Off is one of the best action flicks of the last 10 years and well worth buying, it was my first ever disc i bought when i got my dvd player along with The Matrix, The Mummy and the X Files, Face/Off features an immersive exciting Dolby 5.1 track and better than average picture quality, John Woo has not made a better american film although you might want to check out Hard Boiled or The Killer to see just how good Woo can be, so my advice is to buy Face/Off and if you are an action film fan you will not be disappointed.

Panic Room was predictable and for me i'd say rent Panic Room, i can't understand why Columbia think Panic Room is worth a 3 disc special edition when they have better films which have been treated shamefully, Panic Room is very average and is only saved by some good direction and performances.


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I fell asleep at the cinema during face/off then later on for some reason decided to rent it. Wished i'd slept through it that time too.

Panic room was ok but not as good as the other Fincher films.

Iain Shields

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IMO John Woo's American made film's have ALL been lackluster to say the least, certainly nowhere near the hights he achieved with his homegrown films, some of which have already been mentioned (Hard Boiled, The Killer).

I fairly enjoyed Panic Room and because of that have watched it twice but admit the second viewing was mainly to take in director David Fincher's unique visual style he used for the film and not because I really wanted to follow the story again.

I'd add another vote to the "rent both" box, unless you can find them dirt cheap (£5-6 or less)... maybe in the trades section of the forums...



Standard Member
both face off and panic room are good to rent them but not worth it to buy them.

Kane D Williams

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I bought the R1 Superbit Panic room, as it was very cheap and I'm a big Fincher and Foster fan. However, the film is only average and should have been much better. As I am a film editor, I absolutely loved one partincluar scene for it's tention and to be honest, it was this 1 minute sequence that made me purchase the disc! How sad am I!!??

Never seen Face Off, but would like to, as everone I know who has seen it (all with varied tastes) have said it is rediculous but good entertainment!


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Face Off is fun if you look at it as nothing more than a comic book!
I love Panic Room - David Fincher is class :smashin:

Moving to Movies forum...


Coincidentally I watched Panic Room for the first time last night and thought it was dreadfully boring. I was surprised Fincher could produce something so lame after Fight Club and Seven were so good. It's only saving grace was some of the camera work was interesting and the opening credits were good! Luckily I had as a free trial rental so it didn't cost me anything.


Panic Room had great potential ruined by a very predictable script, its saving grace was the great camerawork and good performances but other than that it has nothing worthwhile to offer, Face/Off has some amazing action scenes and definately comes close to recreating John Woo's Hong Kong efforts, yes its like a comic book but it beats most of the so called lame action films being produced by Hollywood.


I enjoyed them both. Although Face off is very very silly. Out of the two I think Panic room is the better film. Some of the visuals by fincher are superb.


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Panic Room is quite good - (think I might get a lift installed in my house) - I have a panic room, trouble with mine is that I run out of toilet roll to quickly.:laugh:


This thread just reminded me I sent for a Face-Off DVD from the Daily Mirror weeks ago and have not got anything back yet.

The film his highly preposterous and Cage is way over the top at the beginning but later it settles down to a moderate action film.


i think face off was one of the first dvds i bought. if i remember its a flipper.

i quite liked it


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I got the Superbit as a freebie from Deep Discount ages ago and quite enjoyed it especially as it was a freebie :). Don't think it is good enough to buy though.
Face/Off is one of my most enjoyed action movies. Yes, it is ridiculous at times but is great entertainment. Managed to pick up a Region 3 DTS copy not long ago and the soundtrack is pretty awesome compared to DD5.1 :D


I think face off is really entertaining, with some good special effects and action scenes.

Havent seen panic room but heard its worth seeing



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Not being a fan of Travolta or Cage,face-off was just okay.

Panic Room i really enjoyed.


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Face off was great!
Cage's ott performance suited the role perfectly.
Travolta was mabye a bit suspect, was supposed to be sinister, or should that be vice versa ;)

great popcorn movie but like said before not as good as Woo's previous work (like to add a better tomorrow and bullet in the head)

perhaps his best american effort was the 1st, Hard Target?
Broken Arrow was good but a bit, well too americanised ! :(
Mission impossible 2: it ws easy to see woos hands were tied for this film.
never seen another amercin woo film since apart from the bmw ones (v.good)

Panic room was ok - bit long and boring and predictable and grey - but finchers direction was nice - loved that shot where the camera glides through the object.
still never forgave fincher for alien 3 - dont get me started....
finchers bmw film was also quite good but no as good as woo's or ang lee's

who did the james brown one?

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