Anyone seen Bruce Almighty



Has anyone seen "Bruce Almighty? Alot of people said it is very funny:rolleyes: Is it worth watching?
I thought the story was almost identical to Liar Liar, but not as funny.
its the funniest film ive seen in years...... but that is IMO of course

I didn't like it. I liked Morgan Freeman the most out of the actors.
If you like his movies, you'll like this. It's defo one for the fans.
I thought it pretty much sucked, apart from the "Do you like Jazz?" gag, which had me in hysterics.
alot depends on your like or loath of carey..... i actually thought it was a more mature humour (compared to nonsense like ace ventura) but still requires you dont cringe at Carey's every facial expression!

overated imo!!
There was one stand out funny bit with the newsreader trying to talk but apart from that.....bitterly disappointing considering the hype!!
dear me...... i think we need a humour poll...... could it be that humour is distinctly age related!?

One of the most funny movies that I enjoyed watching.
One of these days I have to buy this film

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