Anyone seen a Neuston mc-500 DVI networked media player?


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This looks really interesting, could be an alternative to a HCPC.
- It's not a DVD player as such because it doesn't have a drive in it, but can supposedly play dvd's which are on a PC (or divx / xvid etc.). Server side software is required.
Seems that it will do 720p via dvi (amongst other things). Looks like support is fairly active at the moment (lots of software updates), and there are open source server projects going on).

Strongly considering ordering one, will feed back if I do.

home page:

available from (sites I've found so far): (UK approx £200) (Switzerland - <£150)
(I've never purchased from either of these sites so unable to recommend them)


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Just had confirmation of my order from k55. Hoping to get it by the weekend. Will be using it with a 1280x720 projector via DVI and (possibly) on a 28" widescreen TV via S-video.
Hoping this will replace the HCPC with something quieter (no moving parts so should be silent), easier to maintain, and easier to view on the TV.



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TBH, I'd be very surprised if something with lower spec and price than a PDA could do justice to a DVD material. Will be interseting to see what you think of it but just cannot see it being able to stand up to even a modest HCPC.


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Why not? It's based around a sigma designs em8550 processor so is not too far removed from the x-card or dvd players based on the 8500 chip (kiss?).
There are a few threads at avsforums about it and similar products (pinnacle showcenter) - it seems fairly positive although the firmware / software may be at an early stage.
It may be a bit of a risk, but at £140 I'm prepared to jump in.



jsebright, what were your views on the neuston in the end. I am considering a purchase but would like to see how you got on.




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I've had the Neuston mc-500 for a few months now. It's good for video but terrible for music (the interface is too slow when you're browsing through lists of many files). This is where the Audiotron is so good - nice and responsive scroll wheel and the buttons with first letter jump and item jump work very well. There's also no display panel on the Neuston...

For me, the mc-500 works well for video in that it's got a dvi connector which plugs into the projector, and I can also plug it into the TV (via s-video in my case but it could be RGB scart, component or composite). You can only switch from DVI to analogue, not the other way, so it's not flexible for swapping between the two screens. Picture quality is great - I've ripped my favourite dvd's to single .vob files and they look great when they play especially through the DVI port upsampled to 1280x720.
It does require server side software - it comes in windows / mac / linux form - and there are open source alternatives out there, but the suppliers software is probably the best of the bunch at the moment. The software is very simple to use - you just tell it where your files are. Adding videos is just a case of dropping the file into the relevant directory - no need to rescan, the new files are picked up instantly. The interface is effectively a file browser so subdirectories are handled automatically.
It was not expensive to buy, is a very small neat unit (feels solid and well built), and most of all is silent as it has no moving parts.
One small problem - the remote commands are similar to the Audiotron's so that can sometimes get confused if I'm using the mc-500 and have left the AT switched on!

Neuston: <>


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