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Anyone see Bev Hills cop 3 on skyonehd


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Watched a bit of this last night as skyonehd always seems to get a slating for worst pq but I was pleasantly surprised especially seeing it's a very old film. Anyone else think it was very good or just the norm ?


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I caught the last half hour or so of it last night and thought it was about on par with other Sky one HD progs I have seen so far. Certainly not better than them.


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But i was under the impression that Film s,Documentrys etc had to be recorded in HD in order to view it in HD, surly Bev Cop 3 was not recorded in HD, was it ?

Simian Sibling

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Blue.Rocket said:
But i was under the impression that Film s,Documentrys etc had to be recorded in HD in order to view it in HD, surly Bev Cop 3 was not recorded in HD, was it ?

Its something to do with what it was shot originally with. Something about 35mm film i think but i am not sure! I am no expert but I am sure someone will explain it if you ask!

I was impressed with it! watched the whole thing (film is :censored: ). The PQ was good especially the end bit with all the bits of coloured paper flying about (how sad am I! :thumbsup: )


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My understanding is that pretty much anything filmed on er... film contains more detail than HD is capable of showing. So converting film to HD gives good results (providing the film has been well stored and is in good condition).

The problem comes when things (mostly TV programs) are shot on (SD) video i.e limited resolution and there isn't anymore (or very little) information above standard definition. So HD will look the same as SD.

and like someone has already said if this is wrog i'm sure someone will be along to correct me :D


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It was also in Dolby Digital 5:1 even though the programme info didnt show it as such. Thought it was quite ironic when we get a number of the films on the HD movie channels which are not DD.


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It's so bizarre that you can get a two hour block on SKY1 using 10% and yet on the dedicated HD movie channel some movies only use 5% for two hours, even allowing for a 2.35:1 ratio and no DD5.1 that shouldn't equate to a 50% bandwidth saving for some movies.

As for the movie, haven't seen it for years and it was good fun, nice picture and sound and something SKY1 HD should do more of.


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It was amazing, i tossed on the dvd to compair and it really was at least twice as good. The dvd was very very poor soft and lacked any sort of detail, the hd version was just amazing the amount of detail on peoples faces was huge.

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