Anyone running a 360 with Toshiba 32ZP46?

Mr Wonderstuff

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Hello all

I'm thinking of getting a 360 but wondered what sort of picture quality I can get through it on a 32ZP48 CRT. Theres a component input which I am led to believe is the best input.

Is anyone running this setup and, if so, what are their experiences.




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I used to have this setup and the picture quality is excellent, almost as good as my current setup now, you won't have any regrets and yes component is the best, flick the switch to HD and it'll go to 420p.


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Ive got a 36zp48... and it really is the cleanest image that I have seen on a TV running through component.

However, I use the PJ so the TV is big waste of £800 :(


hi, i have the above also but how do you get the sound out of the tv when using the 360 component cable? i got a picture no sound tho, if i cycle threw the avs i get sound but then have no picture as ive just cycled threw the avs, where do the phonos go to get the sound ive tried them all, only get sound if i plug the red and white phonos at the front but no pic, am i supposed to do somthink in the toshiba menu which ive tried but no success:{{


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plug the red,green and blue for picture..
then connect the other red and white(the ones on teh same lead as the yellow one),to the audio in,dvd player/amp,surround system etc...


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Or run an optical toslink cable from your 360 to the tv.


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Or run an optical toslink cable from your 360 to the tv.
I could be wrong but are the optical and coax inputs not only on the P48?

To use the audio leads on the component input, I'm sure the left/right phono sockets were the ones immediately next to the component inputs.

EDIT: Found the manual here -$file/32ZP46_om.pdf?openelement
Check the diagram on page 6 and it looks like it's definitely the two phonos next to the component sockets




yeah its ok i worked out after 6 hours with no sound that its optical, i never seen that little hole on the base of the 360 hidef lead, soon as i seen that i knew optical lead, and i never refered to the 360 manual as i dident want to open the packet it is in just incase someone said have u read the intructions, i knew like the other poster said if you plug the red and white in amp u would get sound but the toshiba tv already has excellent in built sound and wanted the sound just from the tv, my fault for not noticing that tiny hole on the base of the high def 360 lead.

yep and 420p is the only one that works in the setting, the 10801 one works but the picture is awfull, what i want to know is whats this tv model like running a rgb xbox 360 lead? is it better than the component

component lead vs rgb lead on toshiba 36zp48 or 32zp48 using xbox 360 is there any difference in quality. RGB scart have always been best on crt tvs for consoles is this component any better compared as i havent seent 360 in rgb scart on this tv.

p.s thanks for the posts just in case as i was always gonna check back here for answers if i couldent do it, funny thing was i even when out and brought the rgb advance lead during the hours trying to get the sound with component but i never opened it, due to getting component sound in the end with optical lead and now its gonna go back to shop as dont need. would of loved to test it tho to compare it with the component pic on this tv with xbox 360


Maybe off topic and a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. I'm looking for a new TV and there seems to be a compromise with most of the LCDs in my price range for one reason or another.

This TV looks (quality wise) to be very good and the size for me isn;t an option as I can't really wall mount an LCD in my living room.

My question is, what am I risking if I but one of these. I mainly watch cable, have a PS2 and a 'standard' DVD player (not used a lot, apart from by my 4 year old for kids stuff). I have a pretty poor CRT now, so I guess anything is going to be an improvement.

With the move to digital am I going to 'lose' any viewing in the coming years if I buy this set (I watch Telewest cable)?

Any advice wlecome.


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I have the 36ZP48, and its an excellent set. I still think that you wont find a better image when you have an SD source.
The TVs best output is only 480P, so you obviously can have more pixels when you use a 360 because it has to downscale 720 or 1080. The same goes for future HD TV.
That said, a lot of LCDs suffer from refresh problems etc, though they are improving all the time.

Personally, I have not felt the need to upgrade my set, and would still buy the 32ZP48 if you can get it for a bargain 2nd hand price. I wouldnt go and spend £800 again tho now on it brand new because of all the alternatives.

My mate has a 32" HD Samsung LCD (51 series) and he prefers the image that I get on the Toshiba.

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