Anyone remove asbestos insulation boards?


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I've got 4.5 sheets of brown asbestos insulation boards in the garage ceiling. It's in good condition held up with nails but needs to come down as the garage is being converted to part of the lounge.

I've had one quote for removal at £2K.

Does this seem about right?


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Contact your local council - you might find (I don't know where you live) that the council offer a vastly reduced service, if not free.


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Before you laugh, what I'm about to say comes from many blokes in the Asbestos trade that I've spoken too.

And what they tell me is that Asbestos really isn't as bad as is made out.

Yes, of course it's dangerous in itself, but basic precautions can make it safe(ish) to deal with.

I'd have no qualms in doing this myself.
I'm working in Ruislip, weekdays.
I'll do it for a grand :smashin:

More seriously though, we have had an asbestos team on the job and I'll bet they will slaughter that £2k price.
PM me if you're interested and I'll see if I can sort it for you.


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I have toyed with the idea of removing them myself, having first invested in heavy duty polythene, hooded suits, masks, cheap shoes to throw away etc.

The problem as I see it is they are larger boards than 1 person can handle easily and that means getting friends/family involved. Not sure on that aspect of it!!

I may well PM though, thanks. :)


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just cover up mask is a must and spay it with water alot first and during. and take it slow try not brake the sheets as much as possible


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As mentioned it can be a DIY job if I was doing it I would use.
1 set of painters overalls with hood.
1 ffp3 mask
old trainers or plastic bag tied on them.

Asbestos is fine unless it's distrubed eg broken up and the fibres are airborne. Brown asbestos is medium risk highest is blue lowest is white (pressed sheets on garage roofs etc) brown was mostly used for lagging pipes etc.
Also I know my local tip takes asbestos as long as it's double bagged.


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Can anyone tell me what kind of asbestos I have by the pictures? :)


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As has been said, the risk comes if you disturb it.
Leave it alone and it should be fine.

Well, as fine as a potential killer can be :D

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