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Anyone remember Music 2000 for ps1??Is there a similar for ps3?


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I was thinking about getting a pc just to run some music software,namely Ableton live,or Cubase 5.And was thinking about soundcards,mixers etc,when i thought the ps3 would be good for music software as its all really nice sounding for mp3s etc,so,i reckon that someone should make a music program,to run something like Ableton,i think it would be quite cool,you could run samples from your music files,easily get DLC with new synths,all it would need is a decent sequencer,a drum machine,a sampler,and some wicked synths.you could use the controller to fiddle about with the A.D.S.R controls,use a keyboard if needed to do all the other bits,i reckon it could be done,if you look at the Ableton live screenshots,you could make a program like that work using a ps3.
So,is there a program out there already?if there is,i havent seen it,and if there is whats it called.:)


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I want the same thing, i had music 200 and made tons of tracks, it was a nightmare getting them to cd though and some of the better ones wouldn't save on the memory card so i couldn't keep them, i also got mtv music generator and music 3000 for ps2, neither of these were any good though, if they released one for ps3 it'd be brilliant, make your track, stick it on a dongle and voila, you got your tune. Can't believe no one has done this yet.


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It might have been possible while the PS3 could run Linux, but since Sony's withdrawal it's a no, unless they release software specifically for the PS3 :thumbsdow


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i cant find the disc,and ive got a feeling it would feel a bit outdated.still,if i can get one cheap enough,then i will give it a go.
my point is,that i was hoping that there would be an up to date version using proper half decent software ,music200 had a not very good finish to it,i feel the ps3 could do it much better.the potential could be realy good,like i said,being able to use samples that you want,not from a dropdown list.
with the hd sound,and the tec that digi music software has,it could be mad!!it would be great to hear all the different types of tunes that people have to offer.

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