Anyone recommend a good 480p crt?


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Hi I currently alternate between my hantarex 34" monitor for 480p gaming and my samsung lh7 50"dlp for HD and xbox360.

But Im falling in love with crt again the black levels cant be beat and I prefer pixels displayed through an aperture grille I think its more flattering especially to retro games which are my favourite, anyway I recently bought the excellent vdigi component to rgb transcoder for my hantarex.. but its no good for almost all ps2 games as they are mostly all 480i and I have to go in the other room to play em on the tv with rgb scart which is a pain, so basically Im after a large crt tv or monitor preferbly with component but vga is fine alsong as it has rgb scart for ps2.
size around 28"-36" depending on price..cheers!
p.s. tru progressive like 31khz monitor Im after no lousy deinterlacing chips or fake 100hz double scanning:thumbsdow

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