Anyone recommend a cordless telephone?


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We have a cordless BT Quartet 3100 telephone and the reception is pretty poor - we don't go very far from the base station but the line is very hissy and fades in and out as you walk around. If you plug a regular phone in it's a different world. We used the phone in the flat we used to live in, when we never left the room with the base station, and had similar problems.

Does anyone have a cordless phone they recommend? We don't need it to have a massive range. Are cordless phones effected by wireless networks? (which we and most of our neighbours have?) Also, what about the analogue vs digital debate?

Thanks for any suggestions.



Try the Alcatel Versatis Max. Big buttons, big loud ringtones, and a big phone altogether. However, it is easy to hold, and simple to use, and due to its size it doesn't slip down behind seatbacks etc and become lost. I like it a lot.


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I have a BT dect cordless, can't remember the make. I have a large house and reception is excellent all through out and works in some areas of the garden.


BT Quartet 3100 don’t know about that but I have a BT 2100 and it works just perfect, Use to have an other mobile analogue typ and that use to pick interference up from all sort of sources even I thing of the florescent tubes in the fish tanks. People were always saying they were hearing interference down the line.

Not had the problem since. If you get one from Argos you can try them out for 30 days.




I've got Philips Kala Vox DECT handsets at the moment. They do the job but have a few bugs, like the ringing symbol and caller ID continuing to flash on unanswered handsets. Also the battery charge symbol only has two icons - charged or not charged, which is like...err...really useful.

I'd recommend Samsung or Panasonic. Although my only experience of a Panasonic cordless was in the analogue days and it was picking up Fab FM and other phone conversations but with DECT you shouldn't have that problem.


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Thanks guys. I'm a bit of a fan of Panasonic in general I'll see what their cordless 'phones are like as well.


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If anyone's still looking and interested in a bargain ...
- I spotted this over at MSE today and just ordered it

BT Freestyle 3200 Quad Digital Cordless Phones are up for £99.99 with free delivery at:

... but if you enter the discount code found here:
it will knock £60 off this list price ... so you can order this okay set of four DECT phones for 40 squid! :smashin:

Btw, there's also Quidco's 4% cashback (on the VAT-free price) if you go via:
(from my earnings: 22 Sep 2006 BT Shop 34.03 1.36 tracked* ~ Nov 2006)


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Panasonic all day long, I have owned several different makes over the years both at work and at home. The only ones that have given consistantly good performance are the panasonics, most of the others have packed up for one reason or another.


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i had a bt one and it was crap...could'nt hear anyone half the time.
got a 'lifestlye signature' one out of marks and spencer with the built in answer machine....with the missus's discount i paid 25 notes for it.....excellent machine for the money and everyone sounds crystal clear .....think the original price was £40


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Well someone asked this question last year and i said i'd always stick with Panasonic. Well since then i returned to BT and got a free 'lyric 210' which is meant to be £40.00 it's so hissy it's untrue. I then had a half price offer on a pair of Philips coloured screen models, they too are awfull, but the phone i still use and which kicks the rest? My 5 year old Panasonic, still better than these 'newer' other make phones.


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Well BT sent me 2 new cordless phones, for reason at all! But one of them they did send was a BT Calypso 120, and it's excellent, great sound quality, colour screen, send sms's.


I've always found the Panasonic phones to be excellant quality, they even recently got a best buy award on the Which magazine website. I bought some Philips cordless phones last Xmas for my parents but took them back withing a day because the build quality was terrible, they looked naff and really light and plasticky. I ended buying the Panasonic KX-TCD535EM instead.


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I bought my parents a 3 handset Panasonic phone system and they are very good. In the past I've had Philips ones and within just over a year there's always a problem with them - keypad stops working or something else breaks on them :(
If I have to replace my current Philips Zenia 300 system which is currently still performing well (touch wood) I will definately buy Panasonic next time.

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