anyone ported to orange ip4 sim only? problems


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ported number from voda to orange
i took out a sim only deal with orange and seem to be having trouble.
i can no longer log in to my account since my numbers ported over?? as you have to enter your telephone number online to view the account, and also i can no longer log into bt openzones since the port.
i ported from vodafone to orange if its any help?

has anyone else ported a number across to orange, and did you have any problems please? all worked ok with the number orange gave me, but its been hell since i got my voda number ported. so much so im considering going back to voda already, i never had any hassle with them.

why the problems?? they say they can port a number so they should be geared up for it. you should have full access to all services after the port surely.
fed up with it now.

please help
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I had the same problem, I had to ring orange porting team and they created a new account with my old number. Since then it works fine. Just ring the porting team and ask them to make a new account so you can log on with your old number.


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does the account app work ok now? showing data used etc.

and bt openzones?

was yours all sorted in one phonecall, as i am fed up of phoning them................weird!


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