Anyone painted M&K speakers?

Gareth W

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Jan 19, 2004
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Surrey, UK

Has anyone here painted their M&K speakers finished in black crackle to a more neutral-wall friendly- friendly colour such as white/off white?

Would appreciate any tips/ideas :lesson:

Originally posted by CYRUStheVIRUS
if yours have curve at back fabalon is no no:nono:

Oh come on, you could use a sort of pleated concertina effect. I'm sure messers Miller and Kreisel would love it. :D

rags, Fablon is an oft-abused, sticky-backed plastic used to make MDF sub enclosures and cheap furniture look pretty/tacky (delete as applicable). :cool:

Originally posted by CYRUStheVIRUS
I have s85's and you could not make them any more ugly:laugh:

Oh now come the right spacing and with the grills on, they dont look so bad........:confused: ......... as long as you are far enough away from them........:)
But for such an ugly speaker, WHAT A SOUND.....:D

Dont think i would like to paint them could always buy some new ones in a different colour, but then, what is wrong with black......??....i wish everthing AV i brought was in black....when the lights are down low for a film, they dont stick out as much as the crappy silver colour that everything seems to be coming in these days.

Why not just paint the wall black, to match the speakers......:D
Hi Gareth
Dont know if this info is any use but i painted over the wood cladding in my ensuite it was green wood dye changed to antique pine and it does look good.The paint is made by dulux its called brush wood cost around 20 quid for both tins and will cover and change any colour you want.
Cheers Gonzo.
mmm spoke to Gecko (UK distributor) and they checked with the US.

Response came back that it was a no no to paint the speakers...damn!!

Will need to do it as they have only been kept on during the upgrade process because I thought I would be able to paint them...

Anyone got any more words of advice please??

There should be no problem with priming them and spay painting them as this is what I intend to do with a pair of floorstanders I have, in March!
Hi Gareth
What mammoth says is true ive just had a new av unit made by a cabinet maker he used thick mdf which was then sprayed with silver paint to match my tv even mrs Gonzo was impressed with the finish it does look very good.
Cheers Gonzo.
Resonances, resonances, resonances... (I believe).
I read a thread about a subwoofer in a cabinet, and all the problems it gives due to resonances, I bet the same applies to any speakers... (correct me if I am wrong...)
Originally posted by mammoth
There should be no problem with priming them and spay painting them as this is what I intend to do with a pair of floorstanders I have, in March!

To do this well the speakers have to be taken apart to avoid being damaged by the painting.

The dealer i bought them from is going to tell me how it should be down and where to go.....might be pricy though....gulp..
Because of the sealed M&K design and the 80Hz crossover I don't think it will be a problem.

Or, will it?
No problem putting them in a cabinet...
My work in progress...
Either a 50" plasma or a 42" and projector... Haven't decided yet...
B&W 600 series as per my signature... With the port bungs in and the xover at 80Hz the 601's work well, the LCR60 centre doesn't integrate with the 601's as well as I'd like, but I've got my eye on M&K 850 series for the front end...

As has been said, front ported/sealed designs will work best, with the same speaker for left, centre and right being the ideal...

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