Anyone own(ed) a WLT58 and WLT66?

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Some of you may know my WLT58 was KIA recently, I still cant find a suitable replacement for it.

Im unsure if i should go back to Toshiba again and get a WLT66 (im thinking 42" this time as 47" isnt available to me and 37" was too small)

how do these sets compare to each other?
my tv had an 800:1 contrast ratio and it was very poor, i wouldnt even bother watching something dark like aliens as i wouldnt see any detail at all (and yes i had calibrated it with a DVE and THX disc) and playing 360 games like perfeck dark could be a nightmare at times in the dark

so is the WLT66 much better? i note the 42WLT66 has the same poor contrast ratio of 800:1 again :(

I would go plasma but i dont want to have to worry about screen burn, lack of pixels(i plan to use it as a pc monitor too) or plasmas equivelant of the rainbow effect.

however i hear you cant use the WLT66 at native 1920x1080 @ 60/75hz for PC usage, is this true? its a big :nono: for me if it cant display 1:1 @ 60/75hz

anybody got any alternatives?
im really looking for [email protected]/75hz via HDMI or VGA with a decent contrast ratio

cheers guys :thumbsup:

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no one? come on im sure someone has! infact im sure i read someone on here ages ago upgraded from a 37wlt58 to a wlt66.

or anyone else got any input?


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I've just returned a 37WLT58 and got a 42WLT66 as a replacement and I'm really pleased with it. Sky HD ( Planet Earth ) looks even more amazing, and I've got my Media Centre PC running at 1920x1080 60Hz via DVI-HDMI using the 'Exact Scan' mode and its pin sharp with no overscan.

I can't really comment on the contrast levels yet as I've not watched anything dark just yet but I'll let you know if I have any problems. Hope that helps.

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cool thankyou very much, this is just the kinda response i was looking for! :thumbsup:
do let me know how it differs, im glad to hear you can run at native res 60hz with a PC, my interest in this set just went up!

when you say HD looks better, is it noticably better? in which way?
Also details on contrast would be good as my 37wlt58 was lousy on dark scenes

thanks again mate! :smashin:

PS why was your 37WLT58 returned?

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