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Hi guys,
I stopped playing PC games a while ago, I thought Id take a couple of my rx580 8gb graphics cards from my crypto mining pc and shoved them into my old OCéd 2500k PC for crossfire.'
Ive never gamed at 4k before but plugged this into my 4k sony bravia TV to try it out instead of my old aoc 1080p monitor - it looked great! so i'm looking to start playing a few games again because of this.
problem is the tv is too big so i'm looking to get a 4k monitor.
I've narrowed it to these 2 monitors, has anyone got or any input which would be the better?

Samsung U28H750 - has the samsung dot thing... meant to be good
Samsung U28H750 28 inch LED 1ms Monitor - 3840 x 2160, 1ms, HDMI - LU28H750UQUXEN

samsung LU28E590DS - has a brighter backlight
Samsung U28E590D 28 inch LED 1ms Gaming Monitor - 3840 x 2160, 1ms - LU28E590DS/EN

Both are TN panels and not HDR - ill be looking straight on so viewing angles arn't an issue, 60hz only but at 4k but that doesnt bother me. HDR is in very few monitors. Does anyone have a more informed opinion or review? would the U28H750 be worth the 70 pound premium over the other aswell.

many thanks


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Quantum dots, and anything else that creates a wide colour gamut, is a bad thing for PC gaming as very few games are colour aware. At best it's not used, at worst colours look oversaturated.

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