Anyone own any Longbow furniture ?


I saw some recently at Kent Home Cinema (very impressive and friendly outfit for those of you who line near Tunbridge Wells) and think it looks pretty awesome.

Not cheap though - can anyone offer any useful information about this company/equipment ?




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I have a 3m cabinet based on their projector screen lift and two rear DVD storage units.

No, it isn't cheap, but looks great. I'll take a photo and post later tonight. Almost bespoke furniture but less than many bespoke furniture makers!

I can say that they are a great bunch of guys and they have been excellent despite a few issues that came up. (Don't worry, none were to do with quality of the product!)

I'd use them again and would recommend them - if you don't mind paying the price.



Thanks for your reply - I'd be interested to see any pictures that you have on your set-up.

My wife is keen on purchasing something that we can use to hide the Plasma TV away when we are not using it, as otherwise it tends to 'dominate' the room.

Are the cabinets solid wood ?

I think someone indicated that a ppamsa lift cabinet and side storage was circa £4k-£5k - does this sound about right ?

Do any other companies do similar products ?


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