Anyone own a Runco Projector



im playing with the idea of buying a second hand Runco CL 610 for about £3500.

Apparantly they are really popular with home cinema installers (i dont know if it is cos they are good or cos the mark up on them is huge in the UK) i can get one imported from the states for around this price too so im wondering if they are as good as people say.

My second option is a Screenplay 7210 or possibly a second hand 777 for £5000 (which i know is excellent but 5000 is alot of cash)

any views


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Hi Scouse,
I went to see a Runco in action at my local dealer, cant remember which one it was but this had a price tag of around £7-8k about 6 months ago but the picture was stunning, although a little noisy on the fan and it was huge. They used a demo disk with clip's from all sorts of films to show me what it could do and kept running me next door to see the same clip on a £3.5k Sim 2 to point out why the runco was so good. My budget would only have streched to £3k tops at the time and they were trying to sell me a 510 for around £3.5k. In the end i went for a different PJ but you should really try & see a 610 in action and see a few other's to compare with. Runco's web site should be able to give you your nearest dealer and hopefully a call might be able to put you in the direction of one with a 610 on demo. Sounds like a bloody good price you got there though.

Best of luck



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Hi Scouse

These are popular with installers as the have easy setup facilities but they are indeed excellent pj's. I dont know if audio-t in West Hampstead sold then but they had 2 Runcos at half price in their closing down sale!
One was the 610 and the other a 710 or higher, i cant recall. You should give them a call.


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