Anyone own a Navy or Ice Blue DS Lite?

Tokoloshe Man

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Does anyone own a Navy or Ice Blue DS Lite, if so how do you find the colours? I like the look of them and am thinking of getting one, but not sure whether the Navy Blue or Ice Blue looks better.

If anyone has either of these colours I would appreciate any feedback on them, easy to keep clean etc?

Thx in advance.


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I got my wife an ice blue ds lite a few months back and she's loved it from day one. She had a regular ds before but had stopped playing it very much, largely because of the lighting issues (but also because she hadn't bought a game in a while...). Due to it being light in colour marks on the casing don't show up at all. I can assure youu it looks wonderful, not at all tacky or plasticky as I have heard suggested.

I got a black one myself on launch in the uk and while I love it to bits if I'm completely honest I prefer hers. I've never seen a navy blue one but I reckon I'd probably prefer that to the black one too. I guess the dark blue would suffer from the same thing my black one does - finger marks etc don't look great and it requires constant polishing to keep it looking smart!

Tokoloshe Man

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Thx Samwise, to be honest I own a black one myself but like the look of the Ice Blue, the constant wiping of fingerprints is doing my head in a bit.

You don't think the Ice Blue is more for the ladies then?


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Are the blue ones coming out over here?

I already own a white one anyway, and love it :smashin:

p meister

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I have a navy blue one, and as predicted it does suffer from the fingerprint problem.
I love the look of mine though (minus fingerprints of course) and wouldn't change it for the world.
Oh and I don't think it is coming out in the UK but you can import from LikSang easily.


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I have a Navy one, yes you can see fingure prints, but it's a small price to pay for the best colour (in my opinion) DS Lite


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i wanted a navy blue but was worried about importing and getting a dodgy one so i ended up with a black UK version.
good luck with your choice.

Tokoloshe Man

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Well I've ordered an Ice Blue DS Lite, looking forward to seeing what it's like, thx for all the comments, I'll let you know what it's like.


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I've got a white but I think the Ice Blue is a very sexy looking colour so you'll not be disappointed, if it was available here I would have bought one, but after all the talk of dead pixels and cracked hinges I didn't want to risk importing.

Light colours are best though because of the fingerprint issue!

Tokoloshe Man

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Just thought I'd let you know that my Ice Blue Lite turned up today and I am well pleased with it. No dead pixels which is always nice, the colour is better than I thought. Overall very pleased.

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