Anyone ordered a iRiver H140 from Amazon Recently??


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I recently ordered a iRiver H140 from (31st Jan) and it still has not been dispatched. I was wondering if anyone else has ordered one from Amazon recently and if they had any luck receiving one. I am considering cancelling the order which leads me to asking where is the best place to order one from, i am not especially bothered about where the cheapest place is as i have waited nearly a month already!! The Amazon price is £239.99. Cheers for any replies.



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This is probably due to the limited supplies.

Amazon may be able to get 1 for you but it may take time to get the last batch if any from the suppliers.

The H140 production was stopped recently and supplies are very thin on the ground. Check with your local RicherSounds. There selling off the last lot too. Unfortunatly most of them are ex-demo's but very cheap. I got one from there but it didnt have an ac-adapter or usb lead so i sent it back for the H320.


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Thanks, do you know i have spent ages researching all players looking at the pro's and con's of all of them and i decided on the H140 as mainly it had optical output which is my top priority for the player....and you can't get the H140 anymore....typical!!!!! back to square one i guess!


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