Anyone on T-Mobile with an iPhone 3GS?


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I am having some trouble. I have updated my 3GS to 5.0.1 but I cannot get iMessage & Push Notifications to work.

I am also on Flext 35 (2010) and I apparently have Web 'n' Walk Plus but any time I try and use my phone as a personal hotspot I'm directed to a T-Mobile page which looks for payment for web access.

Can anyone help? Is this a general issue or just an issue with my phone / account?

I am fairly sure I was sent a new sim a few years ago but I am being sent a brand new one anyway to see if that fixes the issue.

If anyone has had similar experience / can help it would be much appreciated.

Oh, and Happy New Year when it arrives :)


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What is it about iMessage that you can't get to work? You have to sending a message to someone else also set up with ios5 for it to work or the message just goes as a text. As for push notifications, what app are you referring to, emails or notifications?

As for the hotspot, you do need an add on to get it to work that is outside of your plan. Web n Walk is only for surfing and emails not for having your iPhone work as a hotspot.


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Hi Benny,

I am getting the following error every time I try and send an iMessage to a couple of my mates who have iOS5.

I can get a message to these numbers when I use my iPad - but not my phone. I've restored my phone a couple of times to try and overcome this.

Push Notifications: appears to be all apps - it's obvious on the likes of Facebook. If I sit my iPad and iPhone side by side alerts will appear on my iPad but not on my iPhone, yet all the settings are the same. Notifications are on, alerts etc are on for Facebook (and everything else)

I am on T-Mobile Web'n'Walk Plus - which, according to them, should allow my phone to be turned into a hotspot and allow me to tether. I am continually being directed to the T-Mobile pay page for this service.

T-Mobile are sending out a new sim-card, so I hope that fixes it - but I have my doubts because I think this current sim I have was replaced a few years ago (although I can't 100% remember exactly when)


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This seems a bit odd as I can see from your picture that you have wifi turned on so in theory it should send via that not the sim card any way.

It looks like something is stopping data being sent and received. Are you able to browse ok and send and receive emails?


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iMessage always defaults to 3G for various reasons. Bennybeanbag, of all people, would know why given his 10 years of experience in the industry.

Your push notifications and iMessage problems are related, both use the same infrastructure.

Sounds like there's some setup issue with that. Could you try turning OFF and then ON both iMessage and FaceTime on Settings?

If this doesn't help maybe do a "Reset Network settings" (but be aware you'll need to input your Wifi passwords again)

As for Web'n'Walk Plus and tethering, that was a common problem but I thought T-mobile had sorted that already. Maybe the new SIM will help.
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