Anyone of a certain age here from Belfast? perhaps you can help name...


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This burger bar.

It was situated in Great Victoria Street in Belfast City centre in the late 70's/early 80's, just above the Beaten Docket bar. All it's burgers were named after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and it was hugely popular. We were talking about old Belfast eateries at lunchtime and after going through the usual, Lord Hamill's, Kens (best burgers ever in Belfast), Ringos, Isibeals, Spud-U-Like etc, I mentioned this one. But none of us can remember it's name and we've even rung round friends and family and although most remember it, none can recall the name.

If anyone here can, please help.


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i think your talking abt nibblers ther burgers were called after the seven dwarfs were very good if you find one let me know:smashin:my fav was a grumpy bacon,cheese,onions,mayo i want one now


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OMG - I was racking my brains over that all night.

There was one in Ballyhackamore as well - it's now Arnolds - the burgers there are still quite tasty.


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NOOOOO! Me and a colleague got food poisoning from Arnolds at Ballyhack a couple of years back. We were doing overtime and it was either Maccy D's at Dundonald or KFC/Arnolds. We plumped for a Chicken Tikka kebab from Arnolds and spent the next couple of days blasting from both ends. Never again.


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Oh dear - sorry to hear that. I can't comment on their kebabs, as I've never had one, but I don't think you can beat their hawaian burgers (not sure what it was called in the Nibbler days)


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no not a dj to old for that, no one find a nibblers i will keep looking dying for a grumpy big time
The used to be a Nibblers in Portadown also....The Grumpy was my favourite too. :D Was there also a chilli burger?? :confused:

Herron's Country Fried Chicken then took over. :thumbsdow

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