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    That on projectors and the like where your screen is in terms of feet rather than inches ... that 2.35:1 discs are .generally better quality than 16:9 based discs.

    I have noticed a pettern emerging (all things being equal, which in reality I know they're not.) that the majority of recent release transfers that use the 2.35 format look a lot smoother and much more free of artifacts and grain/compression.

    I believe the science behind this could be to do with the fact that you've got the same compression available (8 mbits tops) for a smaller screen area, about a third less. Therefore MPEG has 30% less compression needed in the area of black (as MPEG will discard information that doesn't change across frames) and has more bits available for the moving area.

    Noticed this the other- day ... this doesn't mean you can't have a good 16:9/1.85:1 transfer, just that compression will have more to deal with.

    What do you reckon .... this only really shows up on the large screen though.

    Evidence for the case:

    Behind Enemy Lines
    Along Came A Spider

    Are all absoloutely sterling transfers beyond anything that I have seen using the regular format.

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