Anyone living with Corian ?


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Hi all - Mrs has set her heart on a corian worktop for our new kitchen, with the moulded sink, splashbacks etc.... Main reasons are purely practical - i.e. very hygenic, easy to clean etc.

We had granite in the past, which was ok - but i do see the corian benefits from her perspective.... though i'd prob go stone as a preference myself.

Just wondered if anyone here has been living with it for a while, and what their views are of the choice...



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No personal experience I'm afraid. My only comment is that your wife has expensive taste. :) It might be wise to wait until after Tuesday to see if you can still afford it. :devil:


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your'e not kidding :).. im trying to make decisions ahead of the pilage of the middle classes which is no doubt imminent...


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Been living with our second corian installation for 2 years now, no problems even though SWMBO picked a colour not recommended for kitchens. Chosen for the integral backsplashes, recessed sink area with drainer grooves, recessed hob bars and custom thickness. Oh and because I made them myself they were also the cheapest option:smashin:


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Worth every penny imho, look into the alternatives such as hi-macs too.



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Well - decision made, have gone for it! With integrated large sink, and coved upstands
.... Now on the next decision !!!! Thx


May I suggest you go for the channels with stainless steel rods in next to the cooker to act as pot stands, I'd hate to see a thread on a melted corian worktop in a few months time...


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Good choice :D

We've had ours for a few years now and glad we chose it. It really "makes" the kitchen for me.

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