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what this means (this signals tv system is different from the recorders settings) i have philips plasma tv with built in freeview, and a pioneer dvd recorder but cant tune my recorder into the freeview channels.
i have my ariel going into my recorder and also have cable box it will pick up the cable but not the, tv's freeview i am only using scart leads should i be using rgb cable, as both have these connections, my recorder does not have hdmi, connector, any help appreciated




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I take it the DVD recorder doesn't have a Freeview tuner built in, if it has , there shouldn't be any problem. What I think you need to do is read your TV manual, not sure where to look, maybe Freeview tuner or recording from Freeview.
I would think you have to programme the TV to output the desired Freeview channel to your DVD recorder, you'll probably find only one scart will do this.
All you do then is to change the input channel on DVD recorder to correspond with the scart from the TV.(i.e.AV1/AV2/AV3.
I hope I've understood your problem correctly, Good Luck! :rtfm:

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