Anyone know prices for processers?

Hi all,
Can anyone give me a rough guide to some second hand prices?
1) A Lexicon DC1.2 Version 4 Software.AC3/DTS/7.1
2) A TAG McLaren AV32R Dolby Digital DTS THX Ultra 5.1 only but obviously its upgradable also can anyone tell me how much these are to upgrade fully to all todays latest formats.
Cheers folks,John.:)
Ok can anyone just give me a rough guess? or at least a point in the right direction. Any idea's gratefully recieved,

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Expect to pay £1250 - £2000 used, maybe even a little more.
Thanks guys, Which out of these would you say was the best processor.

Also do you know how much it would cost to have the tag fully upgraded for all the latest formats
Cheers for your help,John.


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Mountain Snow had a Tag for £1500 ex -demo on there site a few weeks ago.The cheapest I have seen the Lexicon is a shade under £1000.
Does the Lexicon still cut it say against a A1SE or other top intergrated amps?

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