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Anyone know of where to get a usb 2.0 to scsi converter lead ????

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Niteman2002, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Niteman2002


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    Hi there,
    building a new hcpc based around a shuttle system
    sk41g - as you know there is only one agp slot and one pci slot
    the agp slot will be taken up with a hercules all in wonder 9000
    and the pci slot with a wintv dvb-s satellite card.
    Which means i will be putting my scsi reader and writer in an external box but have no scsi adapter unless I lose the satellite card - therefore the question has anyone seen a decent usb2.0
    to scsi converter with PC drivers for all windows os.

    I am going to be running 3 operating systems WINME, WIN2K Pro and WINXP pro.

    This is so that i can have seperate installs for seperate functions.
    WINXP for DVD and MP3, WIN2K for Office, CD/DVD Burning and
    internet And WINME for games and internet.

    The machine is gonna be kind of like a seperates stack system
    ie sk41g, underneath that on another shelf the 40/80gb DLT
    drive and under that my scsi cd reader and writer in a scsi case.

    They will only be turned on before booting the cd/dvd burning
    os. - but the dLT drive will have software loaded on all o/s for
    backup purposes and will be used when needed.



    Merry Xmas..
  2. gizlaroc

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    Jul 26, 2001
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    wouldnt it be much easier to get exteral firewire drives ???

    there is a firewire port on the shuttle isnt there ??

    sell the scsi drives on ebay and you will probably get nearly as much as you need for a firewire case and a decent burner.

    try www.pc500.net for some ideas, they do bridging adapters and usb 2.0 cases but as far as i am aware they all take ide drives.

    you could use the internal drive as your reader and the external firewire as your burner.

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