Anyone know of an optical selector with automatic switching


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Hi all, i've got a sony strde475 av reciever which only has one optical input and one coax. I'm looking for a cheap solution to stop me having to fiddle around all the time.

I've got an xbox (using it for xbmc) xbox 360 and sky+. All have optical output. Currently i have xbox 360 going into optical. Xbox using coax converter to coax. And sky is just using phono leads to make do at the moment. I would like a more permanent solution which would do all the switching for me.

I've done a quick search and seen the audio authority 1155 (click here) but this seems to be a bit expensive and overkill for my needs. Does anyone know of another product more affordable as i only really need something with 3 optical inputs which will do automatic switching.

Thanks in advance for any advice


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You can get a "mechanical" optical switcher. It's manual of course, and very crude, but the advantages are that it's dirt cheap and you just rotate a selector knob rather than unplug / plug in the source you want to listen to.

Not ideal, but if it only costs a tenner or so, may be worth it?


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Yeah i've seen those it is what i'm coming round to, but i still would really like an automatic style switcher as for one its easier and secondly the girlfriend wouldn't have a clue how to fatham flicking a switch just to watch sky :D The only one i've seen on the market is the audio authority 1177 and the cheapest i can find that is for about £60 with postage on top from the US. I may as well put towards a new amp:(

If anyone has seen any cheaper alternatives please let me know

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