Anyone know how to reset a Digihome TV. Facing a freezing issue...


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Hi there,

I have a 40292UHDSFVPT2 Digihome TV with an issue and wondering if anyone may know how to reset it to factory settings or indeed what might be causing this issue?

When I switch on the device it works for a few seconds, then becomes unresponsive to inputs from the on TV controls or the remote except to power off. Whatever menu is on the screen stays frozen on there e.g. if I change channel within this first few seconds then the freeze happens the channel details which usually temporarily show on the screen stay frozen on there. The TV still plays but doesn't respond to any input.and the menus are frozen of displayed at the time of freeze.

Doesn't seem to be an issue with the remote as this happens even when only using the on TV controls and removing batteries from the remote.

Tried restarting the TV and leaving unplugged for a while, turning off my router while trying the tv, but to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas for how to resolve this as has made the TV unusable. Does anyone know a way to reset these TV to factory settings?


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“First Time Installation” within the setup menu is the equivalent of a Reset to factory settings…if you can get to it.
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