Anyone know anything about the following players??


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They are:
Toshiba SD210e
Sony DVPs336
Sharp DV515h

Any of you own one of these/ know anything about them?
if so, out of them, which is the best, in terms of features?
Do any play SVCD disks?

Its just that i'm thinking of buying a from an auction. Are these good players, or are there (of a similar price/age) beter ones.
It does't need to be top of the range, but its important that it can play SVCD's- can all players play them even if the manufacturers dont say they do?

also , while im here, i used to know a good site that listed loads of dvdplayers, saying what formats they supported-people would write in and say, Anyone know of the address. It sure was a good site!!

BTW they're all probably last years (+) models


www.vcdhelp.com is a good bet for checking what machine will play what.
Personally I wouldnt buy a second hand player from an auction site,there are a lot of good new players that can be had relativley cheaply these days.
Something like the Toshiba 220 can be had for about £120 and does SVCD.


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OK, thats just the site i ment!
took i look and compared a few players that i'm brousing. i understand the majority of it except where it says XVCS / XSVCD and it has a bit rate. Shat does this mean? is it important? i may be burning this type of disk...
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