Anyone know anything about Mercedes CDI engines and 4Matic gearboxes


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Bought a Cat C 2015 220CDi 4Matic a year ago,it was a cat C because the previous owner seized the engine up at 2900 miles so the engine was replaced by a specialist, it had to go to Mercedes to have all the software replaced and updated , it's been fine up until now,i've put 5000 miles on it, it's a 4Matic B220CDi

just recently it's been going into limp mode, won't go over 3000rpm , the button that changes between Sport Economy and Manual becomes inactive, flappy paddles don't work and while the gearbox does change it's not smooth, quite lurchy.

driving it at 30 it's like it's losing power like a misfire but intermittent

switch it off and back on and it's Ok again for a day or a week , is it likely to be the gearbox putting into limp or the engine.

I know it's got to go to mercedes but just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be
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A total punt, but could this be the lambda emission sensor failing?

I seem to remember that happened to an E350cdi I had until a couple of years ago


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It's all guesswork until you get the codes read, either get a reader or give it to Mercedes and get it put on a STAR machine.

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I've had those symptoms with my Mercedes GL class. First time my wife called Mercedes rescue and felt really stupid when he started it again and it didn't do it. I have had it happen to me a few times, and when it went in they updated some front hub module. About six months later it came back again and the same comment, yet it was already uptodate. So it became a replacement...Now mine is under warranty so it was simply an annoyance....

I'd say get it scanned by a specialist to really know what is going on. But if you are in Mercedes guessing territory it could become rather expensive.


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Sorry missed that reply but thanks, it's going in tomorrow to a specialist and if he can't do it he'll take it to the dealer so hopefully they'll find out what's causing it without it bankrupting me.

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