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Anyone know anything about criminological theory? :D


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Just thought I would ask here for ideas as I know you lot are a knowledgeable bunch! :D

I have an essay to do on criminology, it basically revolves around a scenario which I can simplify as:

A man drives his ill wife home after a party but gets caught and is charged with drink driving...

He drives his wife to work and back every day even though he has been banned from driving, he feels it is his duty to do so (especially because of the next point).

He used to work and therefore he had the main breadwinning role but he cant work now as he was a victim of assault.

He works in the building trade and has driven to get to work numerous times even though he has never taken a test and therefore has no liscence etc.

He has been though the courts numerous times and has flouted any driving bans issued in the past.

He is concerned that if he goes to jail no one will be there to look after his wife, but will still offend to get her to work on time etc...

Im basically wanting to focus on one sociologial theory and one psycological theory which would help explain his behaviour. I thought that his desire to be breadwinner and to work i.e. be successful could be looked at using Merton’s Theory of Deviance. The idea of the American Dream, a concentration on monetary success with less concentration on legitimate ways of achieving this, so that he can actually provide for his wife...

Does anyone have any other angles (theories) which may be suitable for looking at why he commits the crime of continually driving?

Ive got another idea of sex roles (Talcott Parsons) where the breadwinning role, achievement and goal attainment is 'what men do'...

Also cognitive errors may be a good angle, distorted thinking etc (Beck, Ellis etc...)

Im just trying to get my ideas together really about what the most suitable theory/theories may well be for this...

I have to do a solution and implementation for this as well plus an evaluation but I think im sorted for those :) Just this first bit I want to get right as the rest of the essay is obviously related to it!

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them :)


Kiran :clap:


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Thanks for your response :)

Very possible as you learn from your parents what way is 'right' etc but there are no specific clues in the text to link his offending to his parents, thats the only problem...

Food for thought though! :)


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So, if I have this right.

The guy has his own set of moral and social values. He belives its his duty to protect his wife and look after her interests in order to get her to work, but because of this decideds to break the law to satisfy his own moral code.
He knows right from wrong, but also belives he is right to do what he is doing even though it is still wrong:suicide: :D

Personally , if it were me in that situation, I think it would be time to get her to learn to drive:D and for me to start using public transport.


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That sounds like either Antisocial or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to me. Essentially it's the result of arrogance: he feels he knows better than everybody else what the rules ought to be, and he doesn't care what anybody else says the rules are.

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