Anyone know a good place that does customisable laptops?


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As per title really. I need to buy a new laptop but there's things I'd like to customise since I'm finding it pretty tough to get exactly what I want. I'd like:

15" screen, ideally 1680x1050
A T7500 core duo
2GB of 800Mhz RAM
7200rpm hard-drive
Geforce 8600M GT

Rock Direct do a pretty nice one that satisfies all the above criteria except they charge over a hundred quid to upgrade from a T7250 to a T7500 which is pretty extortionate AND they force you to buy an HD-DVD drive which I don't want/need.

Dell do one for 230 quid less but the RAM is only 667MHz, the screen is 1280x800, the hard-drive is 5400rpm (though bigger) and the 8600GT has half the VRAM of the Rock one. Warranty is also only 1 year compared to 3 with Rock.

So, is there any other site out there which lets you customise like this? Thanks in advance.

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