Anyone in the Hampshire area have a spare PSU to test?


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I'm having a strange power problem which I need to diagnose but I don't have a spare PSU to test and I was hoping someone in my area (Hampshire/Berkshire) would be able to assist.

Basically, My PC won't power on but if I wiggle the power cable, it will. No sparking, nothing. If the power cable is all the way in, power light on Mobo comes on, but no power up upon hitting the button.

I've just stripped down the PC, checked all connections, checked contacts with the PSU and cleaned with cotton bud to ensure they are clean. No movement in the connectors themselves, so I'm thinking it's an internal PSU fault or a motherboard issue.

The PC is just over a year old and has a Z77-UP7 Motherboard and Seasonic X 1050w PSU.

Does anyone have a modular PSU to allow me to test and diagnose if it is a PSU issue in my area? I'll buy you some beers to say thank you.

If it is, I'll start the RMA process but it's going to be a killer as I REALLY CANNOT be without a PC, so I'll have to weigh up my options.

The interesting thing is - Once I wiggle the power cable and the PC turns on, it will stay on until it is shut down. If I shut down and leave it more than 30 seconds, it then won't power on again until I wiggle the cable precisely.

In my opinion, it sounds like a failsafe in the PSU has failed, hence the problem.

Any thoughts?

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Have you tried replacing the power lead?

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