Anyone imported camera from USA?



Hi all,

New here so please be gentle.

I'm looking to purchase a digital camcorder, using the internet prices in USA are much cheaper that over here (no suprise there!!!:eek: )

Anyway I know the tv formats are different, but, can I use a firewire (?) port to download to my PC any save to a cdrom and then play on out dvd player???

Considering a JVC GR-DVL920U

Any advise welcome good or bad



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I found that the camcorder that i bought here was actually more expensive in the USA and slightly lower spec.

Dave N

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I too found it not worth getting from US. Several factors...
If you hunt around in the UK you can get some very good prices
US models will of course have differnet power supplies
US tended not to have newer models - takes longer to get them "verified" apparently
Long way to go if you have problems

Was about 3 yrs ago but I decided it wasnt worth it at the time

PSOh and be careful of US internet prices - do they include tax (Which varies by State) plus you need to add shipping (and insurance?)

PPS - Yes you can dwonload to yr PC using Firewire etc - you need a reasonably beefy PC though to edit


Thanx Dave,

I have been researching this, import duty either 4.9% od zero:confused: depending on item description, and of cource VAT

JVC will honour original country waranty if Gen' JVC waranty card supplied with goods.

The JVC GR-DVL920U works out at £535 including above (not shipping) the nearest UK model is the DVL767 £519(inc) @ askdirect mentioned on this forum!! also Jessop's price match policy :)

So I'm considering the 767, thanx for the input.


Any other pointers for a novice:clown:


Agree with Dave N above.

I was in USA last year and looked at various models and found that very few ,if bought in US, will honour warranties. Main problem is that fact the US are 110v and uk 240V. So you'd need a voltage changer etc.

By the time you hunt around UK you will find that the prices are pretty good. Jessops seems to be popular becuase they will try and price match the best UK internet price and then you have the comfort of buying from a shop that you can return in event of any problems.

Try or for prices also.:)


Well thanx for the advice.

On Saturday I purchased a JVC GR-DVL767 from my local Jessop's.
Went with a printout from Askdirect showing online price £519.00, Jessop's shop price was £649.00, they matched the Askdirect price and I managed to haggle a cable for the firewire port + a couple of tapes (none in the JVC box!) My wife has refused to come shopping with me for the past ......years as I embarrass her too much by haggling.:clown: :clown:

Now I have a new toy to play with:D :D , back with more questions soon ;) ;)



Compare Sony trv950 3199 euro in belgium, 1898 dollars USA!
which is a PAL camcorder!


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