Anyone here have the Panasonic TH50PV500?



Hello All

Does anyone here have the Panasonic TH50PV500? iv seen many people saying how good the 37" version is, but not heard reviews or feedback on the 50" version of it. If anyone here has this TV please can you give me some feedback to the quality and sound of the TV?

Any info on this would help a lot.



I think it's fair to say it looks just like a bigger version of the 37PV500.


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I know av2diefor got one, it was marked up at a ridiculous price, so low that he couldn't resist, but he sent it back as he didn't like it.


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yep 42" brilliant TV. I just use my Xbox in progressive scan at the moment, waiting to see how good the 360 is before i buy a new DVD player.


:thumbsup: i have the 42" and i'm more than pleased with the picture quality...i have the 2910 connected via HDMI and the picture is amazing :eek: :D :D :D


Yes i had one (TH50PV500) briefly.

Not my cup of tea, lots of artifacts and solarisation.

Not fair to say a bigger version of the 37, as i have one.

Is an X5 a bigger version of an X3.............


50" is one hell of a size for a plasma TV, to get a quality picture on a 50 really requires an external scaler. TV was never meant to be so big, this is why we are all headed for high definition eventually. In the meantime, most here would agree the scaler is a reasonable substitute for a high def signal. The internal electronics of 50" consumer TVs are just not in the same league.


av2diefor - i'd suggest the same artefacts and solarisation are visible on the 37", it's just a lot smaller. I presume someone interested in the 50" wants things bigger, this means highlighting the faults too obviously. Brightness, contrast, colour, motion handling - they are pretty much identical on all the PV500s. This is what I meant by just a bigger version...


Yeah, i know what you mean but the bigger the screen goes the more work it has to do scaling and it shows the problems up.

I had one and it was awful, the 37 shows none of it viewed from the same distance, so getting back to the point , yes it does look like a bigger version of the 37, until you turn it on ;)


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i am using a sony DAVS-880 through progressive component and the picture is flawless. I have been thinking of getting a HD player but i am not sure that the improvement will be worth the money

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