Anyone here happy with a "cheap" system?

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It‘s entirely possible to be perfectly happy with a £500 system, even something like a Sonos One sounds good and they can be picked up for around £150! The trick is to NOT listen to a £1000-2000 system..and so on!

I have a couple of pals with nice systems & when I listen to theirs I would usually be amazed at how good they sound, showing mine to be quite average. Often I would return home, switch on my setup and lose a lot of the the enjoyment because it would sound flat and lacking in detail by comparison. Of course, after a few days this would pass and I would focus on what I had and begin to enjoy it again. Only problem being after a few months the phone would ring again, they invite me round for another listen...only this time they’ve got a new dac, TT or something:eek:

It’s been great though because I’ve listened to a lot of kit and it’s helped with some of my Hifi decisions. I do enjoy listening to different kit so I guess as long as I continue to do so the upgrade temptation will always be there.
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I have a system that replaced a pair of Sonos Gen 1's

3010i = £160
Tangent Ampster BT II = £180
Raspberry Pi 4 + HiFiBerry DAC2 HD Board and a case = £180

Used some old cables to connect up so won't include those costs.

I'm perfectly happy with the sound and feel it far surpasses what SONOS gave me (and then some).

However in another room the DAC alone cost twice the total outlay of the system above. Do I compare those systems? Nope and I never will. They both do very different jobs and I'm very happy with both.

As long as you're happy with the sound, the cost shouldn't matter. My first proper system (Arcam Alpha CD, Arcam Alpha II AMP and Mission 760i's) Blew me away (as a student it also blew a fair chunk of my grant...) and the games moved on a lot since then.

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