Anyone Help a bit of a Novice with connections ?



I have the following equipment

Panasonic TH-42PX70BA tv
Pioneer DV-400V-K dvd

I am testing the set up before wall mounting the tv as the intention is to 'bury' the cables in the chimney stack

I have set up the equipment(except PS2) as follows

HDMI cable DVD to TV
Scart cable SKY+ to TV

and everything 'seems' to be fine

My questions are

1 - Is there a way of taking advantage of the other hdmi socket on the tv(with regards to SKY)?

2- When i find the 'dongle' (lol) that goes into the back of the PS2, i presume it can just connect to the other tv scart socket and not affect the existing set up?

3- I have to extend the 2 'dish input' cables going into SKY, will this have any detrimental effect and what should i use ? WHY are there 2 dish inputs ?

4- Any other advice greatly appreciated...

I have to 'pop out' now but many thanks in advance for any advice given


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answer to number 1 is get sky hd, as you already have sky plus, you can get the hd box on ebay for around £150, instalation is dead easy but you will have to pay for the subscription.

answer to nubmer 3 is you need one feed for the channels you view on sky the other is for recording, ideally tere should not be a break or join in these cables and you should ideally replace them with cables of the right length and specification ie sattelite cable (available on ebay ), especially if you go the HD route


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hi all, have vtx800sony freeview box. video out scart menu fixed at pal.
my yamaha pdm4220 (via panasonic drm-e60 dvd rec.) says its cimposite.
panasonic input and output set for rgb. changing cable to ixos fully wired no improvement.
wondering if what chord say applies buy scart with only pins connected you need. i want rgb all thru.

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