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Anyone have this MP3 player?


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to fit 2000 songs on a 4GB MP3 player would require that the average song size is less than 2MB.

most MP3's are well over 2MB so if it is capped at 2000 songs it wont matter because you wont fit that many on


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no way will it fit 2000 songs, i dont know what 4gb should fit but my 4gb ipod nano 3g will fit 500 at a push (these are CD rips with artwork)


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Well, I have 1600 48Kbps MP3 files, ranging from about 30 seconds to 30 minutes and 200k to 8Mb and they all fit within 3Gb, and I'm hoping to fit them all onto it.

48kbps, you say? What madness is this, you say? Well, these are low-quality versions of my high-quality 160kbps files which I created for low-memory players like this, since I can't afford any form of iPod - at least one with a display.

I would be dismayed if I couldn't fit them all onto one device.

Then again, I also have the 2Gb Walkman, so I could perhaps split the HQ files between them, as they only take 5.5Gbs.


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Well, finally got the Bush player, but as with all my other MP3 players, it has its own quirks and modes of operation.

For a start, it doesn't seem to support Files and Folders operation, unlike all my other players, so I was forced to add extra tags to my files, like Artist and Album which I didn't have before, only Title.

The thing is, selecting Artist then Album yields a randomised list of files, yet there's no Shuffle mode on at that time.

I would like to know if there's any way to sort the files by Artist/Album/Title, because the player doesn't do it, nor is there an option.


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Another thing: The Bush slim 4Gb MP3 player struggles with 160kbps files (ie: split-second pausing), yet I've had no problems yet with my low-quality 48kbps files.

Pity really, as I have a 2Gb Walkman. I was hoping to split the high-quality versions between that and the Bush, but it turns out even with 6Gb there is not enough memory.

Well, if it plays low-quality files better anyway, all the... better. :rolleyes:


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Anything below 256kbps ABR is most certainly not High Quality, well unless you are Steve Jobs that is.

Yeah, well, I'm not a fussy audio person like you. I used to listen to home-recorded computer music recorded on cassettes with dodgy recorders back in the day, so it's not exactly a requisite for 256kbps, is it?


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Yeah, well, I'm not a fussy audio person like you. I used to listen to home-recorded computer music recorded on cassettes with dodgy recorders back in the day, so it's not exactly a requisite for 256kbps, is it?

Then why call 160kbps files high quality :suicide:


You get what you pay for for £15 its not earth shattering expensive and im sure its not earth shattering sounding either.
I know everyone is different but sometimes it pays to pay a few extra quid for better quality but whatever floats your boat


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I am happy with my £100 Sony, although I do sometimes look at Cowon and other such players that have FLAC support :lease:. You can get some very solid players for around the £60 mark, or in the case of the Sansa Clip (which is a fantastic player) even less, and I would always advise the extra money when buying devices such as MP3 players.

But I am sure there are reasons people buy cheap players.


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Oh, the player sounds good and bassy, but it's LOUSY at organising files. I'm having stuff like each folder cycling through the same 4 or 5 names, even though there's more files there - but then it goes away. Then entire folders disappear, then come back. And even the animated icons on the menu disappeared once.

I'm keeping the player, if I want a random selection of all my music it's still good, and besides, it was a bargain at half the usual price.

As as for you, I guess you'll never be satisfied with MP3 at any level but the highest if you're pining for FLAC. :rotfl: Guess you never had audiotapes, you'd hate them.


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And besides, I'm trying to make the collection as compact as I can, so it's a compromise between quality and size.

And besides, as I said, this Bush player can't even manage 160kbps files without croaking, so that's not much use, is it? So I'm forced to use the LQ versions.


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I think this is a case of buy cheap, buy twice.

I've bought many cheap players over the years just because they were cheap and have little gimmicks.

Now I've got a Dingoo which emulates old consoles, plays videos and music including Flac - good interface, fits into an MP3 arm band...

I also bought a 1Gb one from ASDA recently which has a clip, but it doesn't have a screen lik ethe Sansa.

I guess the reason the Sansa is so popular is because it is so good at what it does, definitely a safe bet buying that imo.

It's not the cheapest right enough but you're right, that bit of extra money will probably save you in the long run.

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