Anyone have experience of duct fans for ventilation?


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I’m planning on having two duct fans to provide ventilation for my sealed room.

I’d looked at AC Infinity as I have a few of their products but I’m not sure they will do what I want.

I want to wire the fans back to either a fused spur near the door, or ideally to a spur activated by the 12v trigger from the AVR. Anyone done anything like this.

So as soon as you turn the amp on the fans would start up and then they would switch off when I’d finished. The AC Infinity units are nice and quiet but imagine that they would be only go in to standby, when power resumed.


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There was an interesting thread recently on using inline duct fans to ventilate a cinema room:

It won't answer your question re 12v trigger but does that extensively about fans. Hope it helps.

Wil S

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Would a single room MVHR be possible?

keep your supply and extract ducting at opposite ends of the room and work out how much air the fans move. holes in a sealed box usually give acoustic issues unless fully sealed/ attenuated. But then attenuating them lowers the efficiency/ amount of air you move.

if it’s just vent, where are you pulling the air from/ pushing it to?

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