Question Anyone have a Google Nest cam outdoor?


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After a bit of researching about different cameras for monitoring my back garden I think I've narrowed the choice down to one of the google nest outdoor cameras.

I'm wondering if many people on here have either the standard or the iq cam and what their views are on it?

I'm leaning towards the iq version, mainly because of the increased night vision distance and overall supposedly better image quality.

I want the camera to monitor the back of the house where there is an alleyway. I have 2 positions in mind where to mount the camera, one would be 25 foot away from the end of the garden, the other is closer to 40ft away. The standard cam has around 15-20ft night vision distance and the iq is apparently good for up to 50ft.

I'd live to hear people's experiences with the night vision as some of the reviews I've read have said the iq version doesn't have great detail at distance.


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