anyone have a dvd-audio set-up and live in the London/Surrey/Kent area?

the thing wnn

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If so,

could i be very rude and ask if i can test a few dvd-audio discs on your set-up?
I have a few discs doing strange things.

NIN - With Teeth - on my second copy of this now, locks up at same place at 48m 17s on surround setlist track 12 (my fav :()
NIN - Downward spiral - surround tracklist only comes through front right and left channels, even though all channel lights light up - sounds like other bits of the music are on the missing channels if you know what i mean.
Bjork - Medulla - same as DS

I only have 2 others (which work fine)

I basically need to see if its my equipment (Denon 3800 DVD PLayer & Denon 3803 amp) or the actual discs.

This is majorly winding me up

Any kind soul living near me who has DVD-audio set-up who will let me round (I'm dead nice me :D ) and have a quick test - i'd be most grateful!

Thanks all


I'm in Rainham Essex, about 10 minutes from the Dartford Tunnel if that's any good.
I'm away on Saturday until Sunday afternoon, but around until then as I finish my nightshifts in the morning. So either Thurs/Fri or Sun/Mon is good for me.


the thing wnn

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Hi Mark,

thanks for the reply.
I work in Dartford right by the bridge, so could drop in after work if thats ok?
It would have to be Mnday now for me as i'm not free b4 then.
You say you work night shifts? what time do you start?
I don't want to interrupt you if you're off to work at that time.

Cheers! :)


I've finshed my group of shifts now and am not back to work until Tuesday night :thumbsup:
Monday is good for me to let you have a play, so I'll PM you my phone number and we will arrange a time.


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