Anyone had to have PSVr repaired?


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My PSVR power box has become quite noisy, so much so i cant leave the PS4 in standby as the fans still spin and its off putting.

Contacted Sony and i have to send it off for repair, just wondered if anyone else has this issue and how long turnaround is?

Got a awful feeling if i send off now, E3 will drop some amazing instant VR tech demo or something!!!



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Ive never fully understood the box, it seems very noisy after I've put the PS4 in rest mode. Generally I just leave it,and when I return its usually stopped but it does seem to have a mind of its own.

You'd like to think it would be a straight forward return, yet I've just had to go 8 days without my one month old phone - Samsung were a bit of a nightmare.


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Mine seams to stay noisy permanently if the ps4 is in standby

Its probably dust in the fan but may aswel get it fixed while under warranty.


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Just to update, Sony received and shipped back my PSVR the same day, it arrived yesterday and its a new headset & psu box, They just replaced the lot, even though nothing wrong with the headset.

Great service.

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