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Anyone had their profile corrupted?


Active Member
Switched on my 360 one night and it didn't login.
After checking around i found my profile was corrupted.
I tried to download it again from XBL and it didn't work. I had to delete the corrupted file first from my HD and download it again.

Anyone else had this happen? Is it a regular occurrance?


Well-known Member
Never had that happen, no. Did you lose your game saves? :rolleyes:

Did your 360 crash the last time you used it before the corruption appeared?


Active Member

I had this a month or so ago. Switched on to find no profile. No crashes or anything the night before. I went to download it from live then got worried when message popped up saying something about games saves will/may be lost.

Searched Net to find if you delete corrupted profile fisrt then download it will be fine.

Luckily it worked. No ideas what caused it.


Active Member
I had this problem about three months ago, I think it was down to the way I turned off the machine. Anyway I too had to delete my profile and download it from XBL. Worked no problem, retained my achievments and all my games saves where fine too. I think they just put that message on about lost data as a bit of a disclaimer.


Active Member
This happened to me after powering down one time after some Oblivion. I don't connect to xblive all the time (not paying for the over priced wireless adapter!) so I lost all achievements I made after the last time I connected to xblive. All the saves are still intact after redownloading my profile.


Well-known Member
Nice to know you can recover it without losing your gamesaves... though it's a little worrying that it appears to occur for no apparent reason...


Active Member
No problems prior to this. No crashes.
Just out of the blue, a corrupted profile.

like others just had to download my profile again. Everything was intact :smashin:


Active Member
I switched on mine last night & it hasnt logged me in. I tried to recover my profile but when i do it doesn't recognise my hdd ! how do i tell if the profile is corrupted or not & if so how do i delete it but retain game saves etc ?



Distinguished Member
Happened to me twice.

1st time was just before the 1st dashboard update - and the only way to rescue my saves was to use my wife's GT and copy them to a mem card, after I'd had to go and buy one - MS wouldnt refund me for it either.

Main problem was that some games - Kameo & PDZ won't allow the save to be transferred to another account so I lost them.

Recovering your profile would wipe anything currently associated with that profile - this was fixed with the dashboard update, it would allow you to recover the profile without wiping save games.

BUT BEWARE!! :nono:

After you recover your profile, your HDD will tell you that you have 1 normal profile and 1 corrupted profile - each one will have a copy of your save games, so little old me thought he'd clean his HDD up by deleting the corrupted profile - what happened was that it wiped everything off the HDD - save game, the lot - only thing that remained was my recovered working profile. Despite what the HDD says, you dont have 2 copies of everything - what you have is 2 profiles referencing the same set of game data. :lesson:

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