Anyone had the snip?


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Had mine done back in Feb, Thurs 13th. Operation went ok, needed a few extra injections in the right testicle as he was struggling to find the tube, lots of firm squeezing.

Weekend was fine, didn’t need any pain killers, just a slight ache from the right testicle from all the prodding I think. I made the mistake of not resting, instead doing lots of DIY, crouching and taking off heavy radiators, carrying them out the house.

Monday they we’re both really painful and left quite swollen. I was walking like John Wayne at work as any movement or leg contact on them was agony even with tight underwear. I ended up taking the rest of the week off, sat with frozen peas 20 minutes each hour plus ibuprofen/paracetamol. Those frozen peas were bliss!

All good now, should have gone to deposit a sample for testing in June but haven’t yet due to Covid.

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