Anyone had problems ordering iTunes vouchers from ASDA Direct


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On tuesday I tried to take advantage of the ASDA £25 iTunes voucher for £20 offer.

A day later I receiced an eMail saying that my order had been cancelled because

If you've ordered an iTunes voucher and your order has been cancelled this is because, you have placed an order outside the UK, used a non UK credit or debit card, used an AMEX card or you've purchased your iTune voucher with other items.
None of those I thought. But I did use my iPad and perhaps I had a fat fingers problem and I did connect from my father-in-laws house so perhaps there was something odd about his service.

So when I got back home on Thursday I placed the order again.

Today the same cancellation message.

I call my Credit Card company as instructed by ASDA and find that both transactions were processed correctly by them and they have two reserved £20s sitting on my account for ASDA to confirm.

So I ring ASDA.

They tell me that the order was rejected by Apple because the IP Address was not recognised by them. It is nothing to do with ASDA and that I need to ring Apple.

I explain that I can't just ring Apple and say I have a problem with an ASDA order - they will think that I'm nuts. So I demand the correct number from them.

I call and it is an obsolete number with a voice recording giving the new number.

I call that and it is AppleCare and I end up speaking to someone who expects me to be calling about faulty hardware.

However, because Apple are so so much more professional than ASDA he endeavours to help and contacts the relevent departments. He comes back and as I expected, says that Apple have not rejected the order.

So back to ASDA who are adamant that Apple have rejected the order because my IP address is unknown to them. I explain that I'm connected to iTunes at that point in time on that IP but ASDA won't have it.

Anyone experienced this?




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I've just had an order cancelled for no apparent reason - ordered using a UK Mastercard and no other items as part of the order.

I did order 2x£25 vouchers (as the order form allows you to order two at a time) but I wonder if ordering two counts as ordering with something else :suicide:

Ordered a couple of months ago and had no trouble but back then you could only add one to the basket...


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I resolved it in the end.

Turns out it was another case of a programmer who validates email addresses incorrectly. My eMail address has a hyphen which is perfectly legal but I've encountered a couple of sites (Asda and Samsung for example) which think it isn't.

Resolved by using my hotmail email address instead.

Tried be helpful and reported it back but Asda were adamant that it was because of my IP address, even though I tried the order from two ISPs and my successful hotmail based order used the same IP.




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Thank you to nheather for finding the answer to this issue.
I too was having the issue using an e-mail service from 1and1 with my
own registered domain name (ending in .uk)
I switched the account to use my e-mail address and bingo it worked.
I have sent an e-mail to Asda Direct customer services detailing the issue and
maybe someone will listen and do something about it so that others don't fall into the same trap.
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That's completely wrong MightyG. Those email addresses are all different and would go to different mail boxes unless the owner has both of the addresses configured to go to the same place.


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I did this as well and got the same email saying it was canceled but i didnt register when i bought it so how can i change the email?

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