Anyone had Pneumonia?


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I recently ran my 1st half marathon, was a comfortable run, finished just over 2.00 hours however 2 weeks later contracted Pneumonia and spent a week in hospital and have only just recovered, been 6 week now. I am desperate to start running again but not too sure if it was a sign from my body saying knock it on the head, im going to be 44 this year not too sure if age is a factor or whether it was just bad luck. Anyone had any experience of this?


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@brumhee's sister is going through it at the moment, seemed to hit her completely unexpectedly too.


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I had Pneumonia last summer (August time) and was in hospital for 3 days. I do a lot of training so had the usual lectures from parents/wife etc. about over training. Not sure that was the cause as have been training at the same level for quite a few years with no issues and it just hit me out of the blue. Was fine one day, felt ropey the next and then coughing blood the following day!!!!
Afterwards I found out a few friends etc. (who I had not seen in ages) had also had it over the last year or so and they do not train much or at all. So I am now putting it down to just one of those things. On the plus side my lung function is as good now as it ever was and I am back to my usual training levels with no issues. I think the half marathon timing is just coincidence and I would nto see this as a sign that you should stop this kind of activity. It will take you a little while to get over it (was probably 6 months or more after that I really started to feel I was back to full fitness) so do not push too hard too early. Listen to your body and take it steady to make sure you are fully over it before starting to get back into training and then when you do take it slow and steady for a while.


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Wow. what I am quite surprised about and also seeing your own stories is how quickly it came on, I was fine at work, cycled 4 miles to get my train, when I got home the kids wanted to go to the park, and I had to declare I was not feeling up to the park. Went to bed with a temperature, spent the next day in bed with a Temperature I could not actually control then fainted in the evening once in the kids bedroom then 2nd time as I walked myself into A&E, at least I beat the queue as I was swiftly moved into the examination room.


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I had it in September 2005. It was then while signed off for a while I started reading c+ which is a cycling forum. Decided when recovered to start cycling.

The past few years however I have come down with bad chest infections. I know I am getting Ill as while cycling I'll get palpitations and then a few days later come down with a cold cough fever etc which lasts for 3 weeks.

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