Anyone had any problems with Pioneer? My 912 just died.


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For 4 months now, I have been singing the praises of my Pioneer VSX-D912 receiver. Unfortunately, it has just died on me after just 4 months. Earlier in the week, I did notice that on two occasions that the amp turned on and then off and quickly back on again. I thought it was just me pushing the 'on' button too quickly twice. Last night, I noticed that the amp had totally reset itself aswell. Tonight, I switched it on and it promptly switched itself off again never to come alive again. The strange thing is, in the manual under troubleshooting, it tells you that if the amp comes into standby and then switches itself off you have to take it for servicing. They must know of some potential problem before printing something like that. Anyways, I'm not a happy chappy and I'll find out tomorrow what's going to happen as it was bought online. Just wondered if anyone else has encountered any problems with a Pioneer amp or any other Pioneer product.


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It could be some loose strands of speaker cable making contact between 2 speaker terminals.
I'd guess that would cause the protection circuit to activate and prevent the unit from switching on.

I'd have a good look round the back.
This happened to me with my Denon amp and the culprit was a single tiny stray strand of copper wire that had broken away and caused a short circuit.


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I had a quick look for that as that is one of the possibilities listed in the manual. Thing is, all my speaker cable is connected with banana plugs. I even went as far as to unplugging all the speakers but to no avail.


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Could be a stray something inside causing a short (?). Wouldn't hurt to air blast through a vent.



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Off topic I know but my 912 does not appear to take bannana plugs I spent ages stripping the cables of mine (My strdb940 had bannana plugs connection the speakers up) to "wrap" round the terminals on the reciever.
How did you do it?


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There's little black plugs in the middle of the binding posts. A very small screwdriver is enough to pull them out. The plugs are there as some stupid European safety law :p

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