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Anyone had any job with DVI input on the Z3 using Linux and/org nVidia Gefore2 GTS?


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I got myself a Z3 a couple of days ago.

Must admit, I'm stunned by the quality. However, I'm having some problems getting it hooked up to my geForce2 GTS card via a DVI->HDMI cable.

Basically, it seems that the Z3 is only happy displaying 640x480 @ 60Hz via the HDMI link. This is most obvious when booting, as when the BIOSscreen is running at 60Hz things are visible, but very early on it switches to 70Hz and I get a blue screen again.

I've managed to get X running at 640x480 over the DVI by using a 31.5 kHz horizontal clock, 60Hz vertical, but any attempts to go above that, e.g. [email protected] gets met with a blue screen.

Analogue works OK, aside from the ghosting (it's a terrible cable I reluctantly dug out of the loft!), but I'd obviously like to use the DVI output if I can!

Anyone able to help?


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No, I did a very basic Ubuntu install, then installed X and the nvidia drivers myself and then added vlc on top when I'd got X working (via the VGA cable).

Been manually adding ModeLines that I've found on various pages for HDTV resolutions, all of them seem to work fine via the VGA cable, but fail on HDMI... :(

Of the following, only the 480 line ones work:

ModeLine "1280x720" 89.1 1280 1296 1360 1650 720 722 728 750 -hsync -vsync
ModeLine "1024x576" 58.88 1024 1056 1160 1328 576 635 638 739 +hsync +vsync
ModeLine "960x540p" 37.26 960 976 1008 1104 540 542 548 563 +hsync +vsync

ModeLine "1280x720-60" 74.25 1280 1352 1432 1648 720 725 730 750 -hsync -vsync

ModeLine "1920x1080-30" 74.25 1920 2008 2052 2200 1080 1084 1094 1124 interlace +hsync +vsync

ModeLine "vga-640x480" 25.175 640 664 760 800 480 491 493 525
ModeLine "960x540" 37.29 960 976 1008 1104 540 542 548 563
ModeLine "t720" 74.25 1280 1336 1472 1600 720 721 724 746

ModeLine "ATSC-720-60p" 74.16 1280 1320 1376 1648 720 722 728 750
ModeLine "ATSC-480-60p" 23.94 640 664 736 760 480 482 488 525
ModeLine "ATSC-720-59.94p" 74.086 1280 1320 1376 1648 720 722 728 750

Sigh... :mad:

Basically, if anyone has a working linux / Z3 / DVI->HDMI combination, I'd love to see their modelines from /etc/X11/XF86Config!


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(copied to the other thread I started)

Yesterday I ordered a 2m cable from Cable Universe (who turn out to be fantastic - 12 minutes between order confirmation e-mail and disptach e-mail, and cable arrived first thing this morning!)

That seems to have solved the problem completely. So far, I've only tried [email protected], but since that's the res I actually need, I'm happy enough! :D

Only problem is that a 2m cable means I'm going to have to move the projector to a less optimal position so it can still reach the PC on the floor. Oh well, it's only a stop gap measure until I get sometime link the Avel Linkplayer or Kiss DP-600... :thumbsup:

Thanks to everyone who offered advice...

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