anyone got their proj mounted low down


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I was thinking of mounting a projector inside a coffee table/storage box in our lounge, then having a removable cover over the lens when not in use. I want to keep things as discreet as possible.

Has anyone else out there done a similar thing? The reason I ask is that I am wondering what to do about cabling as I don't really fancy cutting a hole in the floor and carpet in order to pass cables through. I have thought about just leaving a socket for the video connection in the side of the coffee table and routing cables under the floor (it is a wooden suspended floor) and coming out at the edge, then coiling the cable discreetly under the sofa until I need to use it.

I plan on mounting the motorised screen above the ceiling so the tab bar just shows flush with the cutout in the ceiling when the screen is in the up position.

Does anyone have any thoughts about shortfalls and/or problems with a low down mounted projector?




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May or may not help, I had my PJ in an old tv cabinet for a while and there were a few problems the most obvious is people moving past pj when your watching, also the heat from the exhaust was a quite noticeable. One other gripe was the noise it certainly seemed noisier when it was low down than when I had it suspended. The only real advantage was that I could put it away if we had friends around.

I am now moving into the garage(the system that is, not me) and there was no question as to where it goes, suspended on the ceiling again.



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what type of projector are you using? and how many feet away from the screen will the coffee table be? because you may have to use a lot of your keystone correction, a lot of people hate using keystone because they think it affects the pic quality, but its down to personal taste


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I don't really see people walking past as much of a negative, this would be only for a few seconds on the way to and from the loo etc, so I am not really that concerned about that.

I must admit I hadn't thought about the noise and heat element, my uncle had a CRT mounted in a custom made unit in the middle of the room and it was totally silent. I don't think it needed any cooling at all which i guess is not the norm as projectors go.

As long as the projector can run cool enough I would imagine that it would be a little quieter than a ceiling mounted unit by the fact that it is housd in a unit, as far as the heat exhaust goes I would think that may be an issue.


I am only in the very first planning of this and as yet I have not even looked at projectors at all. I only know it won't be a CRT because they are simply MASSIVE and I can't see me getting on with a proj. of that size. It will be a DLP, LCD or Dila projector as long as I am happy with the demo.

What is the keystone correction and how can it affect the picture?

I will measure my room and post a distance the proj will be from the screen

Thanks folks,



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i'm no expert by any means so someone please correct me if i am wrong.
if you have projector square on you get a square picture,

if you have it down on the floor or high up on a shelf, you need to point it up and down but by doing this you distort the image, so to square it back up you use vertical keystone, eg if its pointing up the width of the picture at the bottom is less than the width at the top of the picture, so use keystone correction to get both equal to give you a square picture.

horizontal is more or less the same excpet when you have the projector off centre and closer to a corner of a room instead of having it bang on.

i use keystone correction as i dont have a choice and to be honest dont notice the difference but then again a mate of mine refuses to use it and swears blind he can tell the difference in quilaity when using it.
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