Anyone got the Monoprice HDBaseT switch? Is it CE marked?

Have a look at ours as well, and bear in mind if you import you will have handling fee, VAT and duty to add as well. Also what happens if it goes faulty as I suspect shipping would be expensive back to the states.

HDBaseT Extender Set with IR POC and 4K2K Support

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The MonoPrice one you have linked to doesnt seem to have POC (power over cable) though does have 100Mb/s network ports.

We decided not to have the network part of HDBaseT on our extenders, matrixes and splitters as it is only 100Mb/s rather than Gigabit and running a 2nd Cat6 cable for the network would be a small extra cost for the 10 x increase in speed it could provide.


Thanks mate, do you guys ship to Iceland?

Will consider your offering :)

Edit: I see you ship all over the world, but the shipping cost is way to high for me (Rest of the world, ~144 USD). :-(
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Thanks, let me know when you know the new rates. Really should not have to be any more than $30-40 based on my experience.

It's not that HDBaset works any different from a Hdmi cable but just a more reliable method of extending length of HDMI.

It doesnt support ARC, nor do I know of any that do.

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I received the extender from your store on friday and it works brilliantly! No issues so far, passing 1080p/60 and Dolby TrueHD / DTS Master HD.

Here's my mini review:

My setup is as follows:

Yamaha RX-V1800 AVR -> Aclass HDBaseT sender -> 1feet of CAT5e to a patch panel -> 60feet of in-wall CAT5e cable -> CAT5e wall plate -> 3feet of CAT5e -> Aclass HDBaseT receiver -> Samsung 55" LED TV

Only the sender is hooked up to a power supply, the receiver module gets power via the CAT5e cable.

I discovered that if there are any issues with the CAT cable between the sender/receiver, the power led on the unit which has the power supply attached will blink (had a incorrectly terminated cable at first). Once the cabling is OK, the power led will light up and the blue link light as well. The blue HDMI led indicators will blink until you hook up an HDMI source and turn it on. Then the leds will stop blinking and stay on.

I'm using the Yamaha to switch three HDMI sources, an HTPC, IPTV box and a Blu-Ray player. Switching inputs and HDMI syncing does not take any longer than with just a regular HDMI cable.

The units feel solid and very well built The wall mount fittings is a nice addition. I have not tested the IR functionality but there is no doubt in my mind that it works beautifully as well.

Could not be happier and I give it 5/5 stars. So much better than the two other proprietary single/dual HDMI/CAT5e extenders I tried previously but both failed. One did not work at all, but the dual cable one only worked if hooked directly to a video source and TV (not with the AVR in between).

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